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Myco-Host - Mushroom Honeychewables

Myco-Host - Mushroom Honeychewables



“Cannabi – Shrooms Chewables,” Mushroom Blends & Mushroom Tea

In nature, mycelium exists below our feet, within our plants and just about everywhere organic materials lie. In the forests, this intricate system navigates the subterranean earth in a way that is inconceivably efficient by all known standards. Saprophytic mushrooms grow within hollowed out trees which eventually will turn 1/3 of the mass of the plant into H20 over the course of many years. Bees are attracted to the mycelium dew and will dwell within the tree trunk and make a hive. Bears, attracted to the bees honey will strike the tree and from the scratch a sap will emerge called “propolis” which the bees use to repair their hives and polish brood (eggs, larvae and pupae) cells between brood cycles.

This synergistic relationship occurs organically in nature and helps expose the harmonic tendencies perfected in a manner that can simultaneously prove that the science of the earth’s biology is flawless and perfected in a way where the facts transcend into the spiritual realm of dogmatic experiences that can make one question whether the influence of a higher power has been dictating the actions of our entire universe.

Texian HerbaCeutical development team has witnessed this miracle in nature first-hand and has formed our own synergistic relationship with a molecular gastronomist, organic chemist (full-time genius) and an energetic research nerd who orchestrated this entire concept. With the recipe perfected by our organic chemist, prepared with the inventive efficiency of our molecular gastronomist and brought to life with the words of our research nerd, we are ready to launch this revolutionary product to the public.

  • Instructions:

    1-2 Chewables Daily with food or as directed by physician

    These and all statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These and all products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult physician before taking these or any vitamin regimen. 

  • Not Psychoactive!

    These are edible, gourmet mushrooms that one can purchase legally anywhere in the United States.

    Made from the fruiting bodies, not the mycelium.