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Lazydaze CBD Infused Tea

Lazydaze CBD Infused Tea


Tea: We’ve partnered with local tea purveyors to provide three loose-leaf CBD infused tea lines.
CBD: We use full-spectrum hemp extract derived from Certified Organic hemp flower grown in Colorado.
Our Process: With essentially no oils in tea leaves to bind our CBD, we infuse some of the different Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that start in the leaf and end up in your cup. With tea having much more delicate flavor profiles than our coffee, the infusion process becomes much more challenging. We bind our CBD to the flavonoids, amino acids and simple carbohydrates that are expressed during seeping. This process preserves the intricate and delicate flavors in the tea and delivers the perfect balance of CBD in your daily routine in a much more enjoyable way.
Tea Flavors – Citron Green, Hibiscus Berry or Black Blend
12mg CBD per 8oz cup

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