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Delta 8 Bloody Mary Jane with Wake and Bacon

Delta 8 Bloody Mary Jane with Wake and Bacon


Bloody Mary Mix: Organically grown tomatoes and garden herbs grown in northern California by a small farm called Preservation Co. They practice responsible, organic and sustainable farming practices.

Bacon: Texas grown hogs are raised in Katy, Tx at the Black Hill Farms.

CBD: Water soluble – full spectrum industrial hemp. Solvent-free, CO2 Extraction Naturally Infused.

Our Process: All of our products at Texian HerbaCeutical have been hand-crafted and carefully curated by our expert team of restaurant industry professionals.

“Hand Crafted, and Hand Packed” Deep in the heart of Texas. With a focus on all forms of preservation, we use local, seasonal produce to create our products. Every product is made in our production kitchen, and every bag is handled from start to finish here.

By providing this level of attention, we are able to ensure that everything we make will be consistent and delicious. We never use any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. While we aim to think outside of the norms, we do create flavor profiles that will be enticing to the broadest markets. We enjoy supporting local farms and business, and are always happy to be able to tell the story of our products.

“Grown by man, harvested by Hand!”