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About Our Company

Welcome to the Texian HerbaCeutical lifestyle!

The creation of this company was manifested for a multitude of reasons and our core values are reflected in our practices. We strive to provide the finest products created on behalf of the views and beliefs of our ideals but, also backed by the latest research


If you have found us, then you undoubtedly have heard of the possible benefits of non psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD), and would most likely love an easy and delicious way to incorporate it into your daily routine. We can definitely help you there with our amazing CBD infused products, Homeopathic Tinctures, Medicinal Mushrooms and other types of natural products! 

Texian HerbaCeutical believes in a preventative and holistic approach to maintaining the body, mind and soul.
We don’t believe in letting “big Pharma” keep us perpetually sick only to keep serving us a “treatment” of a symptom, while ignoring the real problems. 

Our products are in biomolecular communication with nature and our body where they are uploaded into our systems through methods that humanity's biological evolution has perfected over millions of years.

We do NOT claim that we can cure anything. However, we feel that with a healthy lifestyle of healthy choices there will be nothing to cure. Even though we know this still is not a guarantee of living longer, we do know that happy and healthy people do tend to live well and live longer lives.

We are just getting started and will stay true to our vision… to bring you the best,highest quality, most delicious, CBD infused products available!

Thanks for stopping by! Please contact us about carrying our products in your business today!

Please consult your physician before you begin taking any dietary supplements or beginning any exercise regimen.

**These products not intended for minors(those under 21 years of age).

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our Products are
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

***Texian HerbaCeutical LLC is not responsible for any mis-use or abuse of any of these products